Fee for Services

My fee for a 55 minute session of individual, couple, child, career, or family therapy is $130.00. I do accept some insurances (ASR Andrews University, ASR Lakeland, Blue Cross/Blue Shield MI, Priority Health, Aetna, HealthScope, Meridian, United Health Care, and TriCare) as reimbursement for services, if you desire, and are covered. I do have a sliding fee scale for those without insurance, for those that do not wish to use their insurance, or for those whose insurance will not reimburse services.
However, before contracting with your insurance company to pay for counseling you should be aware that:

  • Often insurance companies limit the treatment plan based on their interests.
  • By accepting your insurance I would be required to send them information regarding your weekly sessions, limiting the nature of confidentiality.
  • For various reasons, your insurance company may not cover a session, leaving you responsible for the session fee later.
  • You are responsible to pay the full contracted rate with your insurance company each session until your deductible (if applicable) is met.  Often deductibles are $250-500, but I have seen them as high as $6,000.  You are responsible for knowing whether your deductible for mental health services has been met, and the amount of your copay.

You will still be required to pay for the copay of each session in cash, check or charge while waiting for personal reimbursement from the third party payer. Any checks received by me as payment for services rendered that are returned unpaid by your bank will result in a NSF fee of $30 in addition to the amount originally owed.

You are responsible for being aware of the parameters of your insurance coverage. Insurance companies can limit the number of sessions per year, and the number of sessions covered with a specific diagnosis.

Charges that remain 30 days or more past due will be subject to a 1% carrying charge (12% per annum) on the unpaid balance per each 30 day period your account remains unpaid. After 6 months, your account will be turned over to a collection agency and further collection efforts may be pursued. You are responsible for any collection fee charged to collect the debt owed. Also, if you have accumulated more than one session that is not paid for, this will result in termination of services until the past due balance is paid.

Missed Appointments

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel or change your scheduled appointment time, please call the number at the top of this page as soon as possible. You may leave a message if there is no answer. If you fail to call to change or cancel your scheduled appointment at least 24 hours before, you will be charged a processing fee of $60 per missed appointment. This fee is not reimbursable by insurance companies and will be automatically charged to the credit card you have on file with us.