I believe that all people are inherently intelligent and worthy of respect and dignity.  I also believe change comes through education and self-exploration, and the power to change lies within the individual.  It is my honor and privilege to join with you as you embark on a journey of change and growth.

I have found in my counseling experience that successful results from counseling require clients to take an active role in the treatment process by participating in treatment goal setting and keeping the change process alive by completing homework assignments between counseling sessions. All counseling approaches require us to build an honest, trusting, and respectful relationship with each other.

I am very client centered in my counseling, and will rely on you to determine the content that our sessions contain.  I will assume that you will have topics to discuss, opinions to be shared, and that the issues you present take precedence over the interventions that I have planned for you.

I believe in the power and autonomy of the individual to determine the course their life takes.  It is not my job to tell you how to live your life, but it is rather to help you have the life you most desire.  I will support you in the process of change, but it is change that you determine and define.  I am a sex positive therapist who believes in the power of an individual’s choice over their body, their sexuality, their gender, and the pursuit of their own happiness.