Please specify if you wish to receive couple’s counseling from me.  When you request couple’s counseling I will assume, unless you state otherwise, that your coupled relationship is my client and not an individual.  All that I do, all that I will work towards with you, will be predicated upon that assumption.

I have found in my counseling experience that successful results from counseling require clients to take an active role in the treatment process by participating in treatment goal setting and keeping the change process alive by completing homework assignments between counseling sessions. All counseling approaches require us to build an honest, trusting, and respectful relationship with each other.

Because I am client centered in my approach to counseling, what are issues for you in your coupled relationship are the issues we will deal with in session.  I have no interest in making issues out of things you do as a couple that are not issues for either of you.  That being said, in my experience in working with couples, most issues can be traced back to problems with communication.  I will do my best to teach you to communicate clearly, effectively, and often.

As a Limited License Marriage and Family Therapist, I receive supervision for my work with relational (more than one person) counseling.  My supervisor’s name is Dr. Jen Hutchings, and she can be reached by calling (248) 761-4673 (Grand Rapids, MI).  I am estimating that I will no longer require supervision of my relational hours by the end of 2016.